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Honor Seiki, Taiwan-based vertical CNC lathe manufacturing company is expecting to double its exports to Indian market within a span of 2-3 years. Honor Seiki products gives viable economic solutions for component manufacturers like brake drum, brake disc, wheel machining and other related components. Honor’s high speed series machines are the mostly accepted solution across globe for the complete solution lines.

Honor VL-125CM

Honor Seiki machines are design specific machines with a very high longevity. This longevity could label Honor Seiki machines as unimpeachable and portends a justification to its customers on its reliability. These machines are different from conventional machines as these machines map the changing needs of the customers. Design technology is 100% authentic and cost competitive against European markets where the same technology specific machines would cost 50-60% more in European countries. Honor Seiki outsourced its Indian distribution arm to Electronica Hitech to carry out its CNC VTL machine sales effectively in India.

Commenting on the manufacturing and production Olivia Chen, President Assistant, Honor Seiki asserted that, “Our company is specialised in vertical CNC lathes manufacturing and we are well versed only in that product line and we ensure our products will be futuristic addressing the customer needs and work better on customer feedbacks to serve a step more than expected.” Speaking about Honor Seiki machines, Abhijeet Asre, Product Manager, Electronica Hitech reveals that, “Honor machine prices are very well justified and accepted as Honor is the only company manufacturing CNC VTL machines and focusing 100% only on this machine manufacturing. Hence Honor’s technology strength in this zone is indomitable.”

Honor Seiki VL 160CM

Honor Seiki has production lines for automobiles and aerospace machining parts. Irrespective of the country’s order across globe the entire manufacture and assembly is carried out in Taiwan. Honor Seiki’s clientele list viz Fiat Auto, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, General Motors, Ford, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Bosch and Lucas showcases the company’s quality standards and other requisites are being commissioned effectively..

Honor Seiki supports Indian auto component manufacturers with auto parts viz VL46A, VLO66A and VLO86A where VL stands for vertical lathe. The highlighted Indian consumers of Honor Seiki are Kiswok Engineering Ltd and Waaree Group and the company is anticipating to increase its export to Indian market in 2 years. The company does have experience supporting Indian market for more than 10 years and this is the right opportunity to touch base and establish its presence in Indian market. Highlighting the unique value proposition, Chen notified that, “The entire manufacturing facility is air conditioned and accuracy of the machines does get more weight-age and based on the requirement specifications we do technical evaluations of the product and ensure the tool shouldn’t be environment sensitive. Honor products will always flag its tailor-made quality.”

Honor Seiki also satiates aerospace needs via Electronica Hitech.The aerospace industry machine has its own out of ordinary features like the rigidity and solid lock double faced clamping system technique. This dual side clamping system ensures high rigidity and increased tool life and the productivity will be augmented with reduced time consumption. It will be a very good economic design for the customer and to highlight the tool S45C satisfies the above mentioned traits and serve better in this industry.

Commenting on the future Indian market Chen said, “Purchasing power of India has to be improved and it certainly gets ascertained with the Indian market and economy. There is an environmental affinity between India and Taiwan as both the countries are relatively sunny. The Indian market is a prospective market to Taiwan and we are still in the stage of mulling over and the prospects will be affirmed with supportive Indian economy and market conditions. Hitherto Taiwan has exported 120 machines to India and it does serve India for more than 10 years. The sales will get augmented on careful insights in the market and the reciprocation, the market renders based on its standards.”

Commenting on Honor Seiki products, Asre expressed that “Patented designs, better structure of machines, heavy duty cutting capacities, long life cycles are the unique characteristics of Honor machines. Not to over-exaggerate, the first machine of Honor is 35 years old and it is still working. The statement above supports the long life commitment vested in these machines. The machine sale does not end with the delivery of the product but it starts there as we are bounded to take care of the machine functions for the rest of the equipment’s life,” opined Asre. Honor supports Electronica Hitech in developing, maintaining and upgrading the service team. Electronia too invests maximum revenue share in training engineers as the prospects of Honor Seiki products portends a substantial hit.

Remarking on the new product lines Chen said there are no plans for new product launch but the refreshments will be taking place in existing lines. New applications will be endowed with the existing lines which satisfies the critical features like rigidity and extended tool life. With all these efforts in place Honor Seiki with its vertical lathe specialisation grabs all the potential markets including India and the triumph trumpets blow the roof off with new milestones.


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