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Ludhiana-based GS Auto International, manufacturer of automotive suspension and fastening components plans to launch Adblue aditive as a token of controlling emission exhaust. As go green mantra becomes pervasive, all manufacturers have become more watchful retrospecting the process, with the operations become circumspect in deliveries with regards to emissions and other standards, ensuring their process should adhere zero discharge and innocuous emission.

A company official told Auto Components India that, “Adblue complies with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards and it is recommended to use the additive to have virtuous environment. The new additive adblue is an aqueous urea solution that is used in vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. This liquid converts the harmful NOX emissions from the diesel vehicle to harmless nitrogen and reduce the intensity of the toxic ejections.”
GS Auto’s suspension and fastening products get fitted in passenger cars, utility vehicles, commercial vehicles (LCVs, MCVs, HCVs), multi-axle vehicles, trailers and special purpose vehicles. They claim that all their fitments are complied with international standards. Their suspension and fastening products include U-bolts, centre bolts, pins,hub bolts, nuts, bushes, trailer axle, trailer assembly and subassemblies, earthmoving and construction equipment, propeller shaft components and casting products.

The official also mentioned that, “With international standards become reality with the use of 5S and 3M concepts, we implement the same in our facilities. If 5S is followed in the premises, 3M would proportionally be trailed along. 5S is a well known Japanese concept and 3M includes movement, money and marketing. This 3M amalgam pushes the business forward to the intended goal.” Recently the company has ventured out in clutch and brake lines business. Having gained 2 years of experience in this segment the company’s all operations are in-housed.

As the auto segment in India started picking up, fortunes are many to unlock. But technological up gradation and technical know-how become bare realities to cling fast. Seamless information and data acquisitions accentuate the process and reduce the lead time to have access to the latest technology. The capability to design, develop and manufacture jigs and fixtures, inspection gauges, special purpose machines and equipments help the company to develop new products with optimal time and resources. The fastest growing business division of the company is casting division. “We specialise in all kind of automotive suspension castings in weight range of 500grams to 28kgs for general auto parts and wheel hubs up to 36kgs,” added the official.

The company has R&D centre which focuses mainly on the product innovations. It also keeps studying the market and trialling on various fitments and the timely requirements will be served through R&D. The official also averred that 30% of automation in the premises is achieved as of now and wherever conventional machines’ are required the process is unharmed. Special purpose CNC machines are used for tools and fixtures production. The main facilities of GS Auto are located in Ludhiana in North India and Jamshedpur in Eastern India. The tools, jigs and fixtures production is happening in Ludhiana. The casting operations are carried out in 3 facilities where the third facility is located in Adityapur industrial area.

The company pays little attention to export markets with 10-15% of their production traded internationally. The company’s clientele include automobile majors like Arvin-Meritor, Ashok leyland, Daimler India Commercial vehicles, Hindustan Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki India, SML Isuzu, Tata Motors, Tacko Hendrickson Suspensions, VE Commercial Vehicles and Volvo. The company’s initiatives on Adblue will soon knock the doors of all OEMs and the new venture of the company in brake lines and clutches indubitably thunders its bashes. ACI


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