Layam Group emerges as the prime mover in providing best-in-class contract manufacturing services. G.S. Ramesh, Founder and Chairman of the Layam Group shares how.

Cost, Quality and Productivity have emerged as prime movers in the aftermath of globalisation wherein there is a pervasive environment of stiff competition. In the present times for any industrial establishment to succeed, one must follow the unwritten rule of ‘Low-Cost High Productivity’ with a philosophy of ‘Do More with Less’. Most of the industries have become used to managing competitiveness by conducting business with low-cost manpower due to which we saw the arrival of a migratory workforce. In addition to this, we have experienced the impact of the pandemic in 2020 and the subsequent reverse migration aspect that resulted in a shortage of manpower. The industries are left with no choice but to revisit their style of operations to keep themselves alive in the system. This situation became critical and after revisiting and reengineering themselves, the concept of ‘Contract Manufacturing’ was conceived.

G.S. Ramesh, Founder and Chairman of the Layam Group

Contract Manufacturing is not an easy business or a comfortable solution to be adopted immediately because the client hands over part of his operations to a third party expecting him to perform more professionally with a concept of ‘Do More with Less’ with a focus on quality and productivity. So, it has to be understood that the foundation for contract manufacturing is professional trust and quality delivery which would result in a win-win situation. Taking into consideration a holistic approach, Layam Group has developed this model on the same basis and established its credibility by giving results on the desired performance. We understand the specific needs and recognise the potential hurdles with the process and accordingly devise effective solutions.

The contract manufacturing model is basically an agreement between Layam and the client with an intention to undertake the production activities and facilitate the delivery of products in a seamless manner. Contract manufacturing is growing at a rapid stage, the reason being it gives the opportunity for companies/ Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to concentrate on their strategic growth areas of business while companies like us handle the operational process. The uniqueness of the contract manufacturing model lies in the fact that it focuses on what the deliverable should be in business terms rather than how they should be delivered. Through contract manufacturing, we focus on reducing cost, scaling productivity and achieving 100 per cent quality for the clients.

What sets us apart is our focus on brain count instead of head count. We strongly believe that brain count level is diminishing at a faster pace than ever before. An issue that cannot be overlooked or ignored. At Layam, we tackle this problem head-on. Since inception, we have supplied manpower with intellect because we know that a person who is talented and capable becomes an asset to our client. To sum it up, all activities undertaken in contract manufacturing is about deploying brain count and achieving the desired target to the satisfaction of the client by adopting our model of hiring, training and deployment.

It’s quite obvious that the need of the hour is the contract manufacturing model as it has established its credibility by enhancing productivity. Layam Group has initiated this model along with other activities such as ‘Job Contract’, ‘Stores & Logistics Management’ and presently we are extending these services to OEMs like Ashok Leyland, and Tata Marcopolo etc. Hence, all the industries should re-look their manufacturing model and strategically initiate our contract manufacturing services to achieve a better bottom line. ACI


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