DENSO Corp on 1 July announced that DENSO Mexico S.A. DE C.V. (DNMX) will expand its plant in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to increase production of transmission components in the North American region. The expansion represents an investment of US$53.8 million, (about 5.38 billion yen) which will add 8,200 square meters of space and 500 jobs by 2018. The plant will begin production in December 2015.

140701-01aIn addition, Hamanakodenso Co., Ltd., a DENSO Group Company, established a new facility in Salinas Victoria City, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to produce solenoids for engine and airflow control units for its North and South American customers. The new facility, Hamaden Mexico S.A. DE C.V. (HDMX), represents an investment of US$35.8 million (about 35.8 billion yen) and will employ about 340 people when full production is underway in 2018. Construction is scheduled to begin in January 2015, with production starting up in stages from around August 2016. HDMX is the third overseas establishment of Hamanakodenso , which also has facilities in Indonesia and Vietnam.

“Mexico is an important and essential market for the automotive industry and for the DENSO Group,” said Hiroaki Okuchi, executive director responsible for System Control components business unit. “By establishing new companies and expanding conventional production bases, we will strive to better meet our customers’ needs.”

DENSO opened its Apodaca Plant in 1996, which manufactures instrument clusters, air conditioning control panels, and variable cam timing (VCT) systems. In addition to the Apodaca Plant, DNMX also has plants in Guadalupe City in Nuevo León State and Silao City in Guanajuato State, manufacturing sensors, car air conditioners and radiators.

Profile of DENSO MEXICO S.A. DE C.V.

1. Location

1) Apodaca Plant: Apodaca City, Nuevo León State, Mexico
2) Guadalupe Plant: Guadalupe City, Nuevo León State, Mexico
3) Silao Plant: Silao City, Guanajuato State, Mexico

2. President

Tomoyuki Arakawa

3. Establishment

September 27, 1994

4. Ownership

5% by Sumitomo Corporation

5. Employees

4,985 (as of end of March 2014)

Outline of Apodaca Plant expansion

1. Site area

176,700 m2

2. Building area

8,200 m2 (expanded area)
58,700 m2 (total area)

3. Investment

US$53.8 million (approximately 5.38 billion yen)

4. Employees

4,300 (projected for FY2018) , 3,762 as of end of March 2014


1. Location

Salinas Victoria City, Nuevo León State, Mexico

2. Representative

Junichi Nakahira

3. Establishment

April 1, 2014

4. Ownership

100% owned by HAMANAKODENSO

5. Investment

US$35.8 million (approximately 3.58 billion yen)

6. Products

Solenoid for engine control and air flow control, valves

7. Employees

340 (projected for FY2018)

8. Site area

80,000 m2

Profile of HAMANAKODENSO Co., Ltd.

1. Location

136, Washizu, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

2. President

Masayoshi Yagyu

3. Establishment

July 25, 1950

4. Capital

480 million yen (DENSO: 76.6%, others: 23.4%)

5. Sales

53.4 billion yen (in FY2013)

6. Employees

1,751 (as of end of March 2014)

7. Products

Coils, horns, sensors, valves



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