Aequs, one of the fastest growing precision engineering companies in India, plans to ramp up its technology. The company specialises in precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, aero structure assembly, closed die forging and special processing for automotive and aerospace industries.


Aravind Melligeri, CEO, Aequs, said: “We are still in the initial stages of technology innovation. We have plans to ramp up our technology in 3-4 years. As the expertise is not readily available in India, now some of the processes are carried out in our European and US plants. But we are adapting the latest technology and bringing it to India. We are one of the early entrants to get some of the critical processes in the aerospace industry. Automotive is our next target and a lot of technology upgradation is taking place. We have started with auto components as it is a mature industry. Selection of new products based on the next generation technology is planned. We would invest in latest technology in our overseas operations and get them to India.”

Aravind Melligeri, CEO, Aequs

Aravind Melligeri, CEO, Aequs

Some of the key technology advancements of Aequs are in the multiple transfer lines, automation and multiple axes machines. The company manufactures machined and forged parts and supplies to many automotive system-level companies. The company manufactures transmission and fuel injection parts, pump cover plates and runner blocks. The forged parts include components of engines, trucks, fuel injection pumps, chassis, driveline and transmission parts. It also manufactures bar machined parts such as spools and transmission parts. These components are mostly for heavy duty vehicles and they are vehicle-specific.


Innovations are happening in the selection of components on the wake of lightweight policy. But the challenge is in choosing a material which should deliver not only the lightweight attribute but also the required tenacity. The parts are to be both strong and cost effective. “At Aequs we make pressure die-casting and machining with aluminium which is light weight and as strong as any other metal. In automotive industry, we still have to come to a stage to use titanium parts as in the aerospace sector but it would make the vehicle extremely expensive. As we are highly cost sensitive, the technology takes a big hit while planning for adaption,” Melligeri said

The company has casting and forging as major operations and to maintain the international standards, it has forged a joint venture with Aubert and Duval SA of France and serforge societe Nouvelle SAS of France for its forging unit in Belagavi, India. The company has 10000- tonne hydraulic press which is one of the biggest in Asia besides 1200- tonne screw press. It plans to expand the forging facility. For casting, it has a reputed supplier base. “We also look for acquisition in the casting space,” he said.


For `Make in India’ Aequs continues to invest in developing capabilities and technology upgradation to promote self reliance and build eco systems of efficiency. The company continuously strives to reduce the lead time for prototypes. Once the prototype is approved, it goes for serial production of the components.

The company has in-house technical experts and consultants to give market information and technological updates. The equipment and tool manufacturers who form the supply base also support it with the requisite inputs. The company claims that from the raw material sourcing, it is very cautious in steering the manufacturing as a tier-1 supplier of OEMs.


Aequs exports 50% of its automotive products and 100% of its aerospace goods production. About the 2020 plans of Aequs, Melligeri said, “We are going at a rapid pace and adding one new unit almost every year at our new SEZ. We have already set our vision 2020 and we aim to increase our capacity of manufacturing machine hours to 4000000. We are targeting a revenue of Rs 2500 crore, up from Rs 275 crore in FY 2016. ACI


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