ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division has unveiled the EcoLife CoachLine. The second generation of its six-speed automatic transmission, EcoLife CoachLine is suitable for coach applications, whether operating in a city, inter-city or even on a challenging, steep mountain track. It offers advantages for customers including passenger comfort and claimed fuel savings of up to three percent, compared to the previous generation. Other noteworthy information includes, delivery of efficient and robust powershift transmission for coaches with up to 2,800 Nm of engine torque.

“Environmentally and economically smart, EcoLife CoachLine sets a new standard of transmission performance, efficiency and driving comfort for even the most demanding coach applications, from city streets to mountain roads,” said Jochen Witzig who is responsible for transmission systems at ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions division.
“Given the continued predominance of traditionally internal combustion engine powered buses in public transport and long-distance travel world-wide, it is vital that we focus on delivering ever-higher levels of fuel efficiency to help reduce emissions. EcoLife achieves this and so much more,” added Witzig.

Fuel savings of up to three per cent over the previous generation EcoLife are possible, thanks to EcoLife CoachLine’s innovative start/stop function which claims to save fuel during the entire transmission service life. The powershift transmission has an optimal gear ratio spread, from 3.36 to 0.59. This is powerfully combined with a particularly high level of mechanical efficiency, ensuring that the vehicle operates in the optimum engine speed range at all times.
For further driver comfort, effortless gear shifting has been enabled using ZF’s TopoDyn Life software controls. Using driving resistance-dependent shift controls, the program ensures the right gear is always selected as the topography changes. The hydrodynamic torque converter with standard torsional damper enables high input torques to be achieved at relatively low engine speeds. The key benefits of this include noise reduction as well as lowering fuel consumption.

EcoLife CoachLine von ZF setzt branchenweit neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Leistung und Effizienz von Reisebus-Getriebesystemen.
Für alle Arten von Busanwendungen geeignet steht es für eine signifikante Verbesserung der Energieeffizienz und des Total Cost of Ownership sowie für geringere CO2-Emissionen.
ZF’s EcoLife Coachline sets a new industry benchmark in coach transmission system performance and efficiency.
Suitable for all types of bus applications, it offers significant energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and improved Total Cost of Ownership.

An integrated primary retarder and dual cooling set-up enables the highest level of braking power to always be available, even at low speeds. The dual cooling system features a large retarder heat exchanger and an integrated transmission heat exchanger. This ensures longer retarder braking and greater retarder availability – important features given that coaches frequently operate for longer periods on steep mountain tracks and over greater distances. Effectively reducing the strain on the vehicle’s service brakes and protecting against overheating, the dual cooling system also extends oil-change intervals by up to 480,000km. Overall, the numerous improvements lead to higher energy efficiency, CO2-reduction and improved TCO.

EcoLife CoachLine increases the digitalization of servicing and maintenance to help not simply predict breakdowns but to prevent them happening. Providing predictive maintenance and preventive service package, maintenance and repair costs are reduced, required work more easily planned and vehicle uptimes enhanced.



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