About 200 new jobs will be provided at the Czech ZF development location in Pilsen by 2017. The increasing number of development projects from corporate headquarters and the divisions have required to expand capacities. The technology company has now started construction works for a seven-story office building.


ZF took over the location in Pilsen from an independent engineering service provider in 2007. As one out of eight main development locations, ZF Engineering Plzeň now offers development and testing services for the group and its divisions. Its fields of expertise include software development and software testing as well as the development and qualification of mechatronic components. From the design engineering perspective, product development is supported with 3D models, calculations, and fine-tuning tasks. Furthermore, the location has its own prototype manufacture for plastic and mechatronics components, such as sensors and actuators. Test benches for climatic tests and service life testing of these components complete the range of services offered.


Stefan Sommer, CEO, ZF

Stefan Sommer, CEO, ZF


Both the wide scope of services and the increased number of orders, particularly from German ZF locations, have required to continuously expand the workforce. “The number of employees has quadrupled by now. Since the location’s integration, it has grown from 50 to more than 200 employees today,” explains Robert Ingenbleek, the location manager. By 2017, another 200 jobs are to be created. As regards recruiting of staff, the driveline and chassis specialist benefits from the geographical proximity to the Western Bohemian University of Pilsen which trains engineers and other highly qualified employees.

Given the fact that the existing building is already used to full capacity today, a seven-story office block with a total floor space of 3 500 square meters is constructed on the Pilsen plant site. Construction costs amount to Euro four million. “The new building will create room for about 200 additional workstations,” says ZF’s CEO Stefan Sommer. “It is intended to provide relief to the existing building and offer space for the further expansion of personnel capacities,” he said. The building is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. The first 70 development employees will then move into their new offices.



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