According to a forecast by the German government, truck freight traffic is set to increase by 46 per cent by 2051. Parcel services and bus companies will also expand their business over the next few years. The commercial vehicle segment therefore offers great opportunities for workshops. But they need a strong partner to take advantage of them. ZF offers a comprehensive product portfolio for this market with over 70,000 part numbers following the integration of WABCO and introduces more than 400 new commercial vehicle spare parts every year.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming established within the commercial vehicle market. Trucks have had to be equipped with automatic emergency braking assistants and lane departure warning systems since 2015. From 2024, further driver assistance systems will become mandatory throughout the EU. These include, for example, the speed assistant, a turning assistant or the accident data recorder. For independent commercial vehicle workshops, the challenges of the maintenance and repair of trucks and buses are growing. In this instance because driver assistance systems need to be checked and recalibrated after a repair. To do this, workshops also need access to the right spare parts, in particular to the sensors that supply the data for the driver assistance systems.

This is why ZF Aftermarket is offering sensors for commercial vehicle applications on the independent aftermarket for the first time under its WABCO brand. These are the front camera for the OnLaneALERT lane departure warning system and the radar sensor for the OnGuardACTIVE automatic emergency braking system. ZF Aftermarket provides these spare parts in OE specification and quality for many DAF and Iveco commercial vehicle models. The necessary brackets and covers are also included in the range. With these new additions, independent workshops now have the opportunity to carry out a complete repair without having to forego cooperation with their usual supplier, particularly in the case of accident repairs. However, ZF Aftermarket would like to point out that sensors must be programmed with the vehicle manufacturer’s original diagnostic software after installation.

The ADAS sensors are the latest highlight in ZF Aftermarket’s extensive portfolio of commercial vehicle parts available under its premium brands ZF, Lemförder, Sachs, TRW and WABCO. The parts program covers practically all maintenance work – from steering to axles, suspension and shock absorbers to brakes. In addition, there are drive components such as clutches and transmissions as well as air supply and conditioning. Lubricants tailored to ZF transmissions as well as tools and specialized equipment complete the range.

The repair kits are particularly appreciated by workshops, as they facilitate workshop work and increase repair quality. In addition to the actual spare parts, they contain all the other components required for a professional repair, such as screws, seals and lubricants. Enclosed repair instructions enable efficient and problem-free repairs and stand for ZF Aftermarket’s claim to supply its partners not only with products, but also with solutions.

Solutions – this is also the keyword for the numerous other offers that ZF Aftermarket makes to its workshop partners beyond the supply of spare parts. This begins with the company’s own diagnostic products, which are specially designed for ZF products and for which the company has currently issued 48,000 licenses. In addition, the ZF [pro]Academy offers technical training on a wide range of topics so that workshops can continue to serve their customers in the best possible way in the future.



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