Japenese Tyre maker Yokohama will introduce two new brands – Advan Sports V105 and Geolander SUV G055 at the 13th edition of Auto Expo 2016. The Advan Sports V105 will cater to the luxury cars and similarly Geolander SUV G055 will cater to crossovers and SUVs where both the brands are expected to be launched in 2016. Yokohama through this booth will also exhibit its grand alliance with Premier League renowned Chelsea FC.

Apart from the two new brands, the tyre company would also showcase its flagship brands the ADVAN, the GEOLANDAR series for SUVs, YOKOHAMA Blue Earth A, YOKOHAMA Blue. Also, the Made in India, YOKOHAMA Earth-1 and S-drive will be showcased at the expo.

This year will mark Yokohama India’s presence as 5th time at the expo since its debut show in 2008. The previous Auto Expo, held in 2014, attracted 1,500 exhibiting companies from 23 countries with 2 concurrent shows, the Motor Show and the Auto Components Show, being held at different sites for the first time.

Since its establishment in April 2007, Yokohama India has been engaged in marketing activities and network-building to generate steady growth in demand for its product in Indian market. Globally other than replacement tyres business, Yokohama tyres are original equipment suppliers to many top car manufacturers like Audi, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Suzuki and Toyota.


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