The new Yokohama India plant at Bahadurgarh, Haryana

The new Yokohama India plant at Bahadurgarh, Haryana

Yokohama India, the fully-owned Indian arm of Yokohama Rubber Corporation, today inaugurated the first phase of commercial production at its India plant. The plant, based in Bahudargarh in Haryana, is the company’s first production unit in the country. Trial production at the plant had started in February this year.

Spread across an area of nearly 25 acres, the plant will have a production capacity of 2000 tyres a day in the first phase which it plans to expand to 8000 in four phases. However, a date to achieve this target has not been set.

Speaking at the occasion Hikomitsu Noji, President and Representative Director, President of Tire Business – Yokohama Rubber Company, Japan, said “Yokohama India has started its operation in 2007, and since then we were thinking the necessity of manufacturing facility in India considering import duty, inter-state tax matters and some other issues. Based on such market conditions, we have decided to have our own factory here in Haryana in 2012”.

TIll now Yokohama India has been importing tyres from Japan and Philippines and distributing in India through 600 dealers including 23 brand shops, called the Yokohama Club network.

During the first phase, the plant will produce its Earth-1 and S-Drive brand of tyres. There will be 25 sizes of Yokohama Earth-1  and 10 S-Drive sizes.

Mr Takeshi Fujino, Managing Director – Yokohama India said “Keeping the diverse road conditions in mind Yokohama Earth-1  will cater to most of the cars in B, B+ and C-segment. It is tough, to take on rough roads but quiet at the same time, to be able provide comfortable ride on smooth roads”.

Yokohama India currently holds 2% market share in the aftermarket which it hopes to take up to 5% in the next three year. While Yokohama globally has numerous OEMs as its clients, in India it is only present in the replacement market. The japan-headquartered company said that once the production levels increase at its India plant, they will look at OEM sales as well.


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