V C Sehgal, Chairman, Motherson Sumi Sytems

Our business in india contributes 10% of our turnover and we are currently focusing on our existing customers. In the automobile sector, the ‘Make in India’ initiative will help both OEMs and auto components players like us.

We expect clarity on GST and anticipate that laws should not be draconian. The policies should be clear, transparent and should not undergo any extreme changes which can help in developing the clear road map for businesses. The philosophy of our company is to pursue and follow the demand of the automakers and provide automotive solutions across globe. OEM expectations of the products are the same, the cars which are produced in India and which are produced in China are same, the quality is no different. So, we are supplying the same components to every part of the world.

In developing economies the challenges of land acquisition and power availability should be taken as given and one should not expect the country to change overnight. While in India, the process takes time since there are interventions from Central Government, State Government and different areas in the state itself. Then, what is in the good sense for the 1.3 billion people of the country is applied. Obviously, the process will take time and there would be a time lag when compared to other countries where one person decides and rest of the country follows. ACI

— as told Deepanshu Taumar


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