WABCO India Limited, a leading supplier of technologies that improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles, has signed a development agreement with Oy Tamware Ab, for the design and development of bus doors for the domestic commercial vehicle market.

This agreement positions WABCO India to exclusively produce door systems, both pneumatic and electric, designed by Tamware for the Indian market, in combination with its own door control system. For Indian customers, this will open access to a fully integrated door solution incorporating safety features for bus variants in compliance with the latest legislative requirements.

WABCO and Tamware bring complementary competencies to this strategic cooperation agreement. While Tamware has decades of expertise in providing services related to the design, development, manufacturing and supply of public transportation vehicle door systems, WABCO is a leader in commercial vehicle control systems including door control systems for buses and has over 300,000 systems deployed primarily in Europe, to date.

“WABCO is in lockstep with the progress toward enhancing the safety and efficiency of vehicles in the Indian commercial vehicle industry. As a technology leader, our commitment to safety is paramount as we continue to invest in advanced solutions that the market demands,” said P Kanniappan, Managing Director, WABCO India.

“This furthers the advancement of the electrification roadmap in the region, given the significant impetus for electric vehicles promoted by the Government of India under the ambit of FAME – II.” Under the scope of this agreement, pneumatic or electric doors designed and developed by Tamware, will be manufactured in the Ambattur production facility of WABCO India. Inswing/outswing and sliding doors are especially well-suited to city buses, as the doors open quickly, thus enabling passengers to enter and exit the vehicle rapidly. Additionally, these doors
will provide robust sealing, helping to reduce noise and vibration, while improving the efficiency
of the air conditioning systems installed in the buses.

“At Tamware, we are incredibly proud to partner with WABCO in India. This close collaboration between our companies will help us deliver superior, innovative solutions for bus applications, both electric and non-electric, in the region. These solutions also reinforce WABCO’s global strategy of mobilizing vehicle intelligence,” said Jussi Hilden , CEO, Tamware.

The agreement will enable Tamware to expand its presence in the domestic commercial vehicle industry by utilizing WABCO’s access, domain expertise and customer relationships developed in India.


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