Indian electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, VTRO Motors Pvt. Ltd., has launched an “EV ecosystem incubator” that offers artificial intelligence (AI)-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the EV sector. The innovative software allows battery makers and EV vehicle manufacturers to monitor battery consumption, battery lifecycle, and consumer usage patterns to enhance customization, lower costs, and become better connected to consumers. The company has also developed scalable charging station infrastructure hardware solutions, creating a complete implementable EV ecosystem package for any EV player to use. The AI SaaS solution for EV batteries will be rolled out in the first phase, followed by solutions for EV vehicles, and lastly, the charging station hardware support. Pranit Parekar, Co-founder & CTO of VTRO Motors, said that the software solutions will help bridge the gap of market insight in order to enhance the demand-supply chain.



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