ATS Elgi Ltd. launched a new range of vehicle sterilisation solutions. The Ozone Air Steriliser claimed to use ozone, a natural form of activated oxygen is said to eliminate bacteria, virus, moulds, allergens, odours and harmful pollutants like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with claims of ensuring a safe and clean in-vehicle environment. Said to be suited to hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, and the entire universe of commercial vehicles, mentioned, Praveen Tiwari, Managing Director, ATS Elgi, “The Ozone Air Steriliser demonstrates our commitment to innovation and ensures a smooth transition to the post-pandemic world.” “An easy-to-use machine, the Ozone Air Steriliser, is compact, portable and requires zero maintenance and consumables. It disinfects a mid-size car or a commercial vehicle cabin in approximately 10 minutes,” he added. Using a 12 Volt DC supply to transform natural air or normal O2 molecules into ozone or O3 molecules, the steriliser, claimed Tiwari, nullifies the need for additional chemicals or disinfectants known to be harmful or residual in nature.


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