Valeo, the global automotive technology supplier, has launched an Industry-Academia Connect programme to attract the best talents. As part of this, Valeo has signed Memorandum of Understanding with multiple premier educational institutes – Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Loyola ICAM College of Engineering & Technology (LICET), and Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay.

This focused programme is expected to help Valeo to tap into the bright engineering minds for innovative ideas to address the emerging mobility needs. Through experiential learning opportunities and mentoring, Valeo will also support them to become industry-ready professionals, by the time they step out of the institutes.

Ashok Belani, Group President and Managing Director, Valeo, India, said, “I am happy that we would be able to nurture bright young engineers and support them to become industry-ready professionals through direct exposure to Valeo’s latest international processes and technology and mentoring provided by our experts. India is a key market for Valeo and the R&D facility set-up in Chennai is emerging as a global hub, contributing significantly to all Valeo customers across the world. We are scaling up our R&D operations and will be increasing the headcount to 5,000 engineers by 2023. I am confident that through these Industry-Academia Connect initiatives, Valeo would be able to recruit the best from the engineering talent pool available in the country.”

In the VIT campus Valeo will establish a Center of Excellence to support students and research scholars in automotive research, especially in powertrain, safety, power electronics and infotainment. Valeo will also initiate joint research projects along with VIT on emerging technologies and will work closely with the students to identify and nurture new ideas and develop workable solutions to address industry specific needs.

The MoU between Valeo and LICET will enable both the organizations to work together in areas of common interests such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Computer Science and Information Technology.

Valeo will provide the students with hands on experimental learning opportunities and equip them with the right skill-sets to work with the emerging auto technologies. As part of the MoU, select students will be given opportunities to work at Valeo sites across the globe.

Valeo has joined hands with the Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay, for the second edition of “Plugin”, a collaborative accelerator programme. Plugin is a joint initiative of SINE-IIT Bombay, Intel India and Department of Science & Technology and it provides mentoring, training along with networking opportunities for start-ups.

As Plugin’s “Corporate Collaborator”, Valeo will get early access to SINE’s start-ups and innovators working in the transportation domain andit will support these chosen start-ups with technical training, technical expertise, access to the proto-suppliers and manufacturing process expertise.

In addition to the above, Valeo, along with ShARE has initiated a “Student Ambassador Programme” in India. As part of the programme, students from premier Indian institutes – Indian Institute of Technology Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Roorkee and Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad – are chosen as student ambassadors, who will work specifically to create awareness for Valeo and its technologies among the student community. In return, Valeo will provide content and consulting missions to the students.

ShARE ( is a global organisation that connects students from the best colleges and universities and the chosen students are trained and mentored by corporate executives.



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