TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. is introducing a new version of its small pyrotechnic inflator with weight and size advantages at Airbag 2014. The SPI2 EVO will launch on TRW’s new lightweight roof rail airbag for micro- through mid-sized vehicles in Europe and China.

TRW Automotive SPI2 EVO InflatorNorbert Kagerer, vice president of Engineering, TRW Occupant Safety Systems, said: “The SPI2 EVO represents TRW’s evolution toward curtain airbag solutions that meet the requirements of European, Asia Pacific and emerging markets. In this application, weight reduction was the primary inflator development goal, and the results have been successful.”

The SPI2 EVO for the roof rail airbag is approximately 5 mm smaller in diameter, 50 mm shorter in length, and weighs about 35 percent less than former solutions.

Global production of the inflator is scheduled to start in early 2015 in Laage, Germany; Xi’an, China; and Mesa, Arizona, USA. TRW has already signed six development contracts for the SPI2 EVO with five vehicle manufacturers.

Kagerer added: “The SPI2 EVO is based on TRW’s well-established line of pyrotechnic inflators, and it has the weight advantages that automakers in Europe and China are seeking in their quest to produce more fuel-efficient vehicles.”


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