Total Oil India Private Limited (TOIPL), a subsidiary of Total, launched LPG Cutting Gas in Bangalore today. The new product, developed by TOIPL’s LPG division, highlights the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer safety.

Total’s LPG Cutting Gas is developed specially for the metal cutting industry including scrappers, fabricators and metalworking industries. Today, acetylene is commonly used in the metal cutting application. However, this has a high flammability range and is difficult to handle. Total’s Cutting Gas is an additized LPG that offers safer and superior performance for metal cutting and other high-temperature intensive applications.

In its first phase of distribution, Total’s Cutting Gas will be marketed to the metal cutting industries in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The product will be produced in Total’s LPG facilities in Bangalore, Namakkal and Maduranthakam.

Alexis Thelemaque, Chairman & Managing Director TOIPL said, “Total’s Cutting Gas shall give a boost to the use of LPG in metal cutting segment, as we aim to provide customers with safer operability, cost savings, and better cutting performance over acetylene and regular LPG. We believe the superior surface finish with high cutting speed makes cutting gas an excellent choice for applications such as metal cutting, straightening, hardening and others.”

With soot-free emissions and low-glare flame at lower operating pressures, this technically advanced product has low oxygen consumption and heat throughout, and is thus a more environment-friendly option for the end-users.


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