Tesla is planning to send a team from the United States to India by late-April to scout potential locations for a new electric car plant. According to the Financial Times, the proposed investment for this plant could be between $2 billion to $3 billion. This move comes at a time when the demand for electric vehicles is slowing down in Tesla’s main markets of the U.S. and China, while competition in those regions is increasing. Tesla is specifically targeting states in India that have established automotive hubs, such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu. This strategic approach makes sense as it allows them to leverage existing infrastructure and expertise in the automotive industry. Additionally, India recently reduced import taxes on certain electric vehicles, which is seen as a positive development for Tesla’s plans. By entering the Indian market, Tesla could potentially stimulate further investments in the electric vehicle sector and provide opportunities for local auto parts manufacturers. It’s worth noting that India’s EV market is still relatively small but growing, with electric vehicles accounting for approximately 2% of total car sales in 2023. However, the Indian government has set an ambitious target of achieving 30% electric vehicle sales by 2030. Overall, Tesla’s interest in India demonstrates their commitment to expanding their global presence and tapping into emerging markets. It will be fascinating to see how this venture unfolds and the impact it has on the Indian automotive industry and the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.


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