Tata Motors, the preeminent automobile company in India, has yet again achieved a noteworthy milestone in intellectual property rights (IPR) by filing a record-breaking number of 222 patents and 117 designs applications during the fiscal year FY24, marking the highest in its history. These filings encompass a diverse range of product and process innovations, strategically addressing key automotive megatrends such as Connectivity, Electrification, Sustainability, and Safety (CESS). Encompassing various vehicle systems including powertrain, body & trim, suspension, brakes, HVAC, and emission control, these initiatives underscore Tata Motors’ commitment to engineering excellence and innovation.

During the same period, Tata Motors received its highest ever grant of 333 patents, elevating its total tally of granted patents to over 850. This remarkable achievement underscores the company’s steadfast dedication to driving innovation across multiple fronts, including cleaner powertrains, design, connectivity, and intelligent safety features. By aligning its innovations with real-world needs and prioritizing both consumer well-being and environmental stewardship, Tata Motors has succeeded in delivering more efficient, greener, and safer vehicles, thereby transforming the automotive industry landscape.

Furthermore, in FY24, Tata Motors garnered five prestigious accolades and honors of global repute for its exemplary performance in intellectual property rights (IPR), further reinforcing its position as an industry leader in innovation. Commenting on this significant milestone, Rajendra Petkar, President & Chief Technology Officer of Tata Motors, reiterated the company’s unwavering commitment to research and innovation, emphasizing its role in driving automotive excellence and value creation through intellectual property.

He highlighted Tata Motors’ cutting-edge technologies, greener vehicles, and customer-centric approach as key pillars that position the company as trailblazers in the industry. As mobility continues to evolve, Tata Motors remains at the forefront, shaping a smarter, more connected future for all stakeholders. This commitment underscores the company’s proactive stance in embracing technological advancements and driving sustainable innovation in the automotive sector.


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