The Tool and Gauge Manufacturers Association of India (TAGMA) recently announced the successful conclusion of its 32nd Annual General Meeting (AGM), which included the important election process for a new Executive Council. During this year’s AGM, TAGMA members came together to discuss key industry developments, share insights, and release the ‘Indian Tooling Report’.


The highlight of the AGM was the election of the new Executive Council of TAGMA.  Devaraya Manjunath Sheregar, Managing Director and Chairman of Devu Tools Pvt. Ltd. was elected as the newly appointed President, who will lead TAGMA with vision and dedication and  D Shanmugasundaram. Managing Director, S&T Group as its Vice President for the year 2023-2026. Both, Mr Sheregar and Mr Shanmugasundaram brings a wealth of experience and expertise and are committed to advancing the goals and objectives of TAGMA.


In his acceptance speech,  Sheregar expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in him by TAGMA members and outlined his vision for the future of the association. He emphasized the importance of innovation, collaboration, and industry growth and pledged to work tirelessly to promote excellence in the tooling industry.


“Today, as I take on the role of President of TAGMA India, I am excited about the immense opportunities that lie before us. Companies around the world are actively discussing investments in India, recognizing our nation’s potential as a hub for innovation and manufacturing. To capitalize on this momentum, we must work collaboratively, focusing on skill development and tapping into the growing demands of our industry. Together, we can shape a bright future for tool and gauge manufacturing in India,” said Mr Sheregar. 


Talking about the new initiatives Shanmugasundaram said, “As Vice President of TAGMA India, I am proud to be part of an organization that has come a long way and has emerged as a front runner in fostering the growth of Indian toolmakers. In our previous term, we successfully launched several skill development initiatives that have contributed to the industry’s advancement. In this term, our focus remains on expanding our horizons. We will actively work on taking our delegation to various countries, forging global partnerships, and welcoming new members into our ever-growing TAGMA family. Together, we will continue to propel the Indian tool and gauge manufacturing sector to new heights.”


TAGMA India is excited about the new leadership under  Sheregar’s guidance and is confident that his tenure will usher in an era of progress and prosperity for the association and its members.


The newly elected members (2023 – 2026): 

  • Akshay Kalyanpur, Sridevi Tool Engineers Pvt Ltd 
  • Devaraya Manjunath Sheregar, Devu Tools Pvt Ltd
  • D Shanmugasundaram, S&T Engineers (P) Ltd
  • T S Gopalakrishnan, Multiple Special Steel Pvt. Ltd.
  • Raj Singh, Eqic Dies & Moulds Enggs. Pvt. Ltd
  • Sachin S Netrabyle, Magna Plastic Corporation
  • Shijesh Kokkodan – Macpro Technologies Pvt. Ltd


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