Stanadyne, a global fuel injection systems developer, debuts two new fuel systems that offer a differentiated approach for small engines to meet BS VI emissions. The Gasoline Pumping Injector (GPI) and Solenoid Controlled Unit Pump (SCUP) were developed as cost-effective replacements for mechanical systems in two- and three-wheeler applications, and enable manufacturers to meet India’s new emission norms. The GPI is an integrated pump and injector that fits in the footprint of the mechanical carburetors commonly used on small gasoline engines today. The SCUP is an electronically controlled unit pump that offers precise timing and fuel delivery control and is an alternative to diesel common rail technology.

Stanadyne team at the AutoExpo 2018

Stanadyne team with the new fuel systems at the AutoExpo 2018

“GPI and SCUP technology was developed for the Indian market to offer the country’s manufacturers a way to seamlessly transition engines into an era of cleaner power and energy. Aside from addressing India’s upcoming emissions requirements, the GPI has the capability to serve the global market as well,” says Sanjay Chadda, Managing Director for Stanadyne Near East.

With manufacturers working to meet 2019/2020 emissions requirements of small diesel and gasoline engines, Stanadyne’s GPI and SCUP offer alternative low-cost solutions that require fewer engine modifications compared to more complex systems like port fuel injection and diesel common rail.

“This technology (GPI and SCUP) is designed to fit in the footprint of today’s mechanical systems; which gives them a direct advantage over the other options in the market, which would require manufacturers to make major design changes to their engines,”says Jayabalan S, Senior General Manager of Application Engineering.

Showcased along with GPI and SCUP are Stanadyne’s other diesel and gasoline fuel systems Gasoline Direct injection (GDl) pumps and Diesel Common Rail (DCR) systems which mark these products’ inaugural exhibition in lndia, though. Stanadyne has been manufacturing products in the country for nearly 20 years. It’s GDI technology is designed primarily for 3-cylinder and above passenger vehicle engines and is among the world’s fastest-growing fuel systems to improve gasoline fuel economy. It’s DCR technology is designed to be robust to the harshest operating conditions and low-lubricity fuels. The high-pressure pumps are available in 2 or 4 plunger configurations and sized for engines up to 16L.
“With manufacturing facilities strategically placed across the globe, Stanadyne is committed to enabling the next generation of clean and fuel-efficient engines,” said Stanadyne President, Chief Technology Officer Dr. John Pinson. “Solving the unique regional challenges faced by our customers with tailor-made products is part of our company philosophy -the technology in our GPI and SCUP products is an ideal example of this.”


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