This is with reference to the submission by Bosch in compliance under Regulation 30 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on December 08, 2020 where in the company had mentioned that “Imports of Bosch Ltd have been impacted with severe supply shortage for micro-processors (semiconductors), leading to reduced ability to deliver to the automotive market demand in India. Restoration of normalcy in global supply situation for imported components and impacts are being very closely assessed and addressed on top priority.”

Speaking about the development, Deepak Jain, President ACMA mentioned that, “ACMA is keenly watching the situation as it unfolds. It is still not clear as to what extent and for how long the shortage of semiconductors will impact vehicle production in India. Any stoppage of vehicle lines has a resonating effect on the entire auto component manufacturing ecosystem. We are continuing to engage with the OEMs and monitoring the situation.”

“The electronic content in vehicles has been progressively increasing and incidents such as these only precipitate the need for localisation and self-reliance in auto electronics in the country.”, added Jain.


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