Construction equipment manufacturer Schwing Stetter India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schwing Gmbh has commissioned its fabrication unit in Chennai. The company has invested Rs 65 crore in the new plant to manufacture the S36 concrete boom pump and ‘separate placing’ boom pump SPB 25 and 35. The new 5 acre plant will further help the company to localise the pumps and to customise different variants of the boom pump.

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Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Schwing Stetter India, Anand Sundaresan said, “The new fabrication plant will help us to manufacture the boom pumps locally and will cut huge costs involved in import of some equipments. So far we were importing our boom pumps from our plant in Austria and now by manufacturing it here the cost would come down to about a crore of rupees from about Rs 1.5 crore. We are also researching with new materials and methods to increase energy efficiency of our products.”

The boom pumps that are manufactured in the new plant will be made out of fine grain SG steel. The company has been using this grade of steel from 2011 to make components to give better efficiency and reduce the operation cost. The equipment manufacture is also looking to bring in new technologies to supports the needs of the customers by offering products and solutions matching their specific requirements.

Schwing Stetter 2V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales and Services Private Ltd said, “Installing a fabrication unit has always been a part of our larger plan ahead as we have always wanted to position Schwing as a cost-efficient manufacturing company.”

Schwing Stetter has also installed the new 100 kwp (kilowatt peak) solar plant to power the fabrication unit. Set up at an investment of Rs 65 lakh, the company will be generating 12 % of its consumption from solar power. Going forward, it is looking to enhance the solar capacity to about 600 kwp to save further on power costs.

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