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Schwing Stetter, the German construction equipment manufacturer, has launched its self-loading mixer, a miniature concrete mixing equipment that will undertake construction activities in urban and rural construction sites. The new machines code named SLM 4000 and SLM 2200 have an engine capacity of 110hp and 60hp respectively, created to meet the requirements of Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns. Self-loading mixers are miniature machines that can automatically load sand and other aggregates required for mixing concrete, blend the raw materials, and transport/unload the mixture.

Self Loading MixerThe machines support construction companies monitor their consumption patterns; by exporting data the firmware used in the SLM can be constantly upgraded based on customer requirements. Their light weights also enable it to manoeuvre narrow lanes and go over softer terrain. The SLM 4000 is all of 599mm in length x 2430mm in width x 4010mm in height and the SLM 2200 4690mm in length x 2140mm in width x 3350mm in height.

V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales & Services Pvt Ltd said, “The SLM is the newest addition to the established Schwing range of batching plants, concrete pumps, shotcreting machines, recycling plant and transit mixers. With resident service engineer locations across the country we hope to support the machines for auto sales requirement with immediate response. The products will be available for sale from April 2015.”

The company has developed the machine in-house, which has hydrostatic transmission that provides automatic and continuous speed adjustment from standstill to maximum travel speed, by operating the accelerator pedal. The new equipment is fitted with a Kirloskar prime mover, a 4-cylinder, water cooled, and turbo-charged diesel engine. Power transmission is done through a 4-wheel drive that has a 4-speed automotive type hydrostatic transmission, which has electro-hydraulic controls for slow and fast speeds and inching operations. The ‘Inching control’ allows precise travel speed adjustment and the ergonomic cabin design leads to less operator fatigue. The axles are manufactured and sourced by Dana and the chassis is manufactured in-house by Schwing Stetter.


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