BPW Trailer Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to developing a robust lineup of underpinnings tailored specifically for off-road use. Their air suspension technology is optimized for off-road applications, supporting a rated load of 12-14 tonnes for daily transport operations. Nagaraj Ubale, Director of the company, asserts that the BPW SL air suspension stands out as the premier choice due to its design catering to high axle loads and specialized applications, built on proven BPW technology renowned for its quality.

The SL air suspension boasts a long life expectancy, exceptional reliability, and a modular design for easy maintenance, complemented by a comprehensive inventory of spare parts and an extensive international service network. Ubale emphasizes its suitability for tough terrains and off-road duty cycles, citing its long service life and robust design tailored for demanding conditions. The SL model showcases German engineering excellence, reinforcing BPW’s commitment to quality.

The versatility of BPW’s offerings extends to various applications, including curtain sliders, tanker trailers, container vehicles, and tip trailers for off-road use, promising peace of mind throughout the vehicle’s life cycle. The company stands by its products with warranties and service packages, ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing downtime.

BPW’s Eco principle, based on 400K axles with pneumatic suspension systems, prioritizes performance and minimal downtime, effectively reducing operating costs and enhancing trailer profitability. The air suspension system is lauded for its high running kilometers per year and minimal maintenance requirements, making it a cost-effective solution for heavy load tip trailers and express logistics.

The SL air suspension’s features include multiple ride heights, advanced brake lining materials, stainless steel hanger brackets, heavy-duty airbags and shock absorbers, seamless beams, automatic slack adjusters, and two-sided axle lift devices. BPW offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to diverse applications and duty cycles, drawing on over 120 years of transport and logistics expertise.

Ubale reaffirms BPW’s commitment to efficiency, safety, and predictability in transport and logistics processes, backed by its reputation as a trusted single source for axle, suspension, brake, and telematic solutions. The company prioritizes fairness and sustainability in its business practices, reflected in its manufacturing and assembly unit in Chakan, Pune, known for its adherence to the highest quality standards. BPW’s consistent recognition, such as the 2020 “Best Brand” award in the Trailer Axles category, underscores its industry leadership and customer satisfaction.


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