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The Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) organized a delegation visit under its Young Business Leaders Forum (YBLF) to Padmini VNA Mechatronics on 24th January 2020. During the visit, Kabir Bhandari, Managing Director, Padmini attended the delegates of YBLF and make them a tour of Padmini VNA’s manufacturing plant.

The purpose of this visit focused on summarizing an extensive quality study by the delegates of YBLF to comprehend the field of the automotive industry. Moreover, it increases their visibility to better identify their prospective areas of expertise in the overall organizational function and gives greater clarity about important management concepts of how industry operations are executed.

An interactive session is additionally organized at Hotel Westin, Gurugram where Bhandari told
about the success story of Padmini VNA and his experiences about the industrial challenges that he
accepted and bravely faced during his journey. He told how he outlasts his problems and deals
with the perception of risk, he shared a very powerful insight that what approach he takes with which attitude for setting back on track.

This session aims to deliver the motivation to the young business leaders who are concerned for their professional survival and all the delegates found this interaction very much empowering and persuade in strengthening their development and interpersonal skills. While addressing their questioning, Bhandari spoke about the rising demand by customers for their innovative products without any help of joint venture or technology tie-up, their core value of focusing on employee happiness, financial goals yet to achieve, guidance to the young people on structuring their own financial goals, contribution in automotive future and Padmini VNA’s road map.

About Padmini VNA
Founded in 1991, Padmini VNA manufactures advanced auto – components for the progressive
automobile industry, incorporating new technological developments with ecological strategies in its
products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, two-wheeler and tractor segment. The company
provides advanced environment-friendly and world-class sustainable auto-components which
stimulate the need for smart electric and hybrid vehicles. The primary focus of Padmini VNA is
innovation in the development of automotive control systems and provides a global solution for climate change. The company is known worldwide for its technological capabilities and manufacturing expertise as producers and exporters of essential vehicle emission control devices to OEMs across Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Padmini VNA has effectively expanded its total patent count to 45 which makes us a great differentiator and proves our credibility in the automotive market.


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