The electric two-wheeler manufacturer Okinawa Autotech has announced the opening of its massive factory in Karoli, Rajasthan. It will be a comprehensive unit and the first attempt of its kind made by an electric two-wheeler company in the nation. Modern production facilities will be available at the mega factory, which is an important step in developing the nation’s integrated EV ecosystem. After two factories in Rajasthan, this is the company’s third facility. This massive factory, which will cover 30 acres of space and employ more than 5000 people, will be India’s largest and most comprehensive production facility for electric two-wheelers. A 500 crore investment will be made in this factory. The massive factory will be completely functional from October 2023. This plant will be fully automated for the production of electric two-wheelers as well as the manufacturing of powertrains, in line with the vision of Made in India and Made for India. This facility will include a motor and controller plant as well as an internal automatic robotic battery manufacturing unit. To support the localization of the production process and maintain this status through this Mega Plant, there will be robotic automation of the moulding of plastic body parts and a paint shop.

The factory will be pivotal in meeting the unprecedented increase in demand for electric two-wheelers in the country. It positions Okinawa as a pioneer in the sector as it will not only resolve the demand for electric vehicles by ramping up the production, but also concentrate on the innovation needed to revolutionize the entire sector, such as improving the R&D facility, warehouse, and Supplier Park. The mega plant will witness the making of global futuristic products. According to the current JV with Tacita which consists of two product lines scooters and motorcycles – both meant for domestic as well as international markets, the manufacturing of the entire range will be rolled out from this plant. Excited about the new development,  Jeetender Sharma, Founder and MD, Okinawa Autotech, said, “As the market leader in the electric two-wheeler segment, we are committed to addressing the most significant issues faced by the sector. The R&D facilities planned in the mega factory will be futuristic to ensure we meet the sector and demand ahead. The mega factory will not only concentrate on the manufacturing of vehicles. It will also have a supplier park that will take into account motor, controllers, battery packs and other electrical parts meant to support the complete EV ecosystem.”

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