Hungary-based navigation systems provider NNG LLC foresees more business coming from India in 2014, especially from OEMs. Last year, NNG along with its local partner Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS) launched slew of navigation products for the Indian market. To grow further in India, it has tied-up with German car infotainment major Blaupunkt and launched San Diego 530 for OEMs and aftermarket priced at Rs 30,999.


Peter Bolesza, vice-president for Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets, NNG LLC said, “We have received a tremendous response from the automotive aftermarket and line-fit space in India. In 2013, NNG holds 30 percent market share in the line-fit industry and this year we are aiming for a 40 percent. NNG also has a market share of 30 percent in the aftermarket business and plans to grow to 70 percent. Recently, NNG and ANS have started working with four more Tier 1 suppliers and car manufactures. The navigation system also helps in saving time and fuel by providing accurate routes to the users and meets consumer requirements by providing easy-to-use reliable navigation and an unmatched multimedia experience.”


The new navigation system is equipped with up-to-date maps of India including almost 1,800,000 km of roads and more than 6,700,000 POIs (Points of Interest). A range of features specifically localised for India, such as the Intelligent Quick Search, Smart History, Speed Limits, and automatic handling of congested routes, make this product a premium navigation offering.

The director of ANS, Amit Sharma said, “We are developing and offering complete navigation solutions and car multimedia systems for the Indian automotive industry. Our primary focus is on providing complete solutions to its partners and customers, including navigation devices and software, map updates and several online services.”

Commenting on the scope of navigation devices in India, Bolesza said, “In developed markets around 20 percent of cars are fitted with navigation systems and 40 to 50 percent comes form the aftermarket. In India, the users of navigation system in cars is less than one percent, so we see there’s a scope to grow in this market.”

NNG softwares uses the core technology based on the iGO navigation engine, which comprises innovative navigation software, fluid user interface and related content, and services for manufacturers, automakers, network operators, professional transport specialists and individual users. It is currently installed in more than 20 million devices globally, with 16 Tier 1 suppliers and 30 car brands. NNG operates in eight countries including Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, India, Australia, China, and the United States.

– Bhargav TS


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