New Products Displayed at NIDays 2014 which was held in Bangalore

New Products Displayed at NIDays 2014 which was held in Bangalore

National Instruments (NI), the Austin-headquartered provider of systems target at engineers and scientists, announced the launch of its InsightCM Enterprise, a condition monitoring solution that helps companies gain insight into the health of their capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations. With this launch, NI has entered the industrial Internet of Things, a fast growing technology sector.

“With the tremendous amount of aging machinery in power plants, steel mills and factories in India, the Industrial Internet of Things is a critical element that will ensure the uptime and optimization of these systems,” said Alex Davern, Chief Operating Officer, NI. “We believe that NI InsightCM  Enterprise that we have launched will enable organisations to monitor critical machinery, analyze vast amounts of data and make meaningful business decisions.”

The announcement was made during NIDays 2014, an annual event hosted by National Instruments which is used as a platform to showcase the new technology that NI has developed over the last one year and also brings together academia, industry and research sector. The event was attended by more than 800 engineers, academicians and researchers.

The company said that they are working on 5G technology which will make the industrial IoT much more accessible and feasible.

National Instruments also showcased new additions to LabView, its flagship solution for the industry.

Auto industry too is a big client for the industry with close to 7-8% of its global and India revenue contributed by this sector. However, the biggest client for National instruments is academia which contributes 12% to its revenue.


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