The engineering conglomerate, Lakshmi Machine Works Limited started its value-driven machine tool division in 1988 to produce India’s finest range of CNC Machines. The journey of LMW was established in 1962 to provide the Indian textile industry with the latest spinning technologies. Today, LMW is a leading textile machine manufacturer in India and one of the top three in the world to produce an entire range of textile spinning machinery. LMW’s foundry makes precision castings for industries worldwide. In 2010, the company added an Advanced Technology Center to manufacture components for the Aerospace industry.

The machine tool division has the total capability to design and manufacture world-class CNC turning, milling and turnmill centers. The high-precision mother machines coupled with skilled people produce high-quality products.  We have made substantial investments in manufacturing facilities, which brings technological competence that addresses the global market. Our exceptional R&D team possesses a profound understanding of customer demands and excels in developing cutting-edge CNC machines that precisely address those requirements. We are offering about 55 models and about 88 variants, we ensure that our cutting-edge CNC machines precisely cater to the specific requirements of our valued customers.


We at LMW, focus on major demanding factors in the market 1) Accuracy & long-lasting repeatability 2) Reliability 3) Reduction in cycle time 4) Low cost per component 5) High productivity. To sum it up, we termed it as the “4Ps”-  Precision, Performance and productivity attribute towards Prosperity and LMW believes in delivering prosperity to our customers through our products and solutions.

We have showcased some of our latest machines and solutions at the Engimach 2023 expo held at Gandhinagar from 06th to 10th December. The exhibited lineup comprised a range of cutting-edge machines that truly epitomize innovation and technological excellence.

Smart Minimaster, Horizontal Turning Center:

Smart Minimaster, is an ultra-compact turning centre equipped with Turret and linear tooling options to cater to the evolving needs of emerging industries, where accuracy and productivity are paramount. This cutting-edge machine is designed to deliver outstanding performance while taking up minimal space on your shop floor, occupying just 1.77 Sqm.

Smart Minimaster comes packed with essential features as standard, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced productivity. It has 5″ chuck, spindle speed up to 6000 rpm and power of 3.7/5.5 kW. For maximum efficiency, the machine offers rapid rates of 30 m/min, significantly reducing idle times and enhancing overall productivity. This makes it the ideal solution for small part turning with high volume demands, catering to the needs of diverse industries.

When it comes to precision machining, the Smart Minimaster stands out as a best-in-class choice. Perfectly suited for industries dealing with fittings, connectors, bearings, and more, it truly lives up to its name as a mini master.

Gigaturn I, An optimal large dia Turning Center:

This state-of-the-art machine is equipped with distinctive features to enhance turning operations. With a maximum turning diameter of 510 mm and a turning length of 590 mm, this machine can handle a variety of turning operations with ease.  The machine is equipped with an A2-11 spindle and 18-inch chuck, making it ideal for working with large workpieces. With spindle power ranges from 15 kW to 30 kW, this machine can handle even the toughest of materials and produce high-quality finished products. 12-station hydraulic turret provides stable cutting, ensuring efficient and precise results.

This machine also boasts roller LM guideways on all axes, delivering exceptional accuracy. Gigaturn offers enhanced chip disposal capacity in addition to the powerful cutting capacity. Gigaturn can be optimized for the machining of aluminium alloy wheels with necessary work holdings and accessories. It also caters for other industries like Pump & Valve, Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, etc.

J2, Vertical Machining Center:

J Series machines have high demand in the market for their exceptional reliability, performance and precision. These machines have a wide working area and boast spindle power ranging from 7.5 to 22 kW, with direct drive spindle speed of up to 12,000 rpm. The machines feature a direct drive BT 40 & BT 50 spindle as well as the option of BBT 40 & BBT 50 spindle.

In addition, the J series machines are equipped with a 24-tool ARM type automatic tool changer (ATC) that facilitates rapid and efficient tool changes, taking less than 2 seconds. The machines feature precision linear guideways on the X, Y and Z axes, ensuring accuracy and stability during operation. Rotary Automatic Pallet Changer (RAPC) is available in the selected models of J Series as an optional feature.

J Series machines can be easily configured to handle different materials like steel, aluminium, brass, die steel, inconel & titanium. These machines are highly versatile and caters to major industries like Automobile, Die & Mould, Pumps & Valves, Forging and General Engineering.

JD 1, High Speed Drill Tap Center:

JD1 has a stroke capabilities of 500 mm on the X-axis, 400 mm on the Y-axis and 320 mm on the Z-axis. It also boasts a spacious pallet size of 650 mm X 400 mm, allowing for efficient handling of the materials, this machine is designed to deliver superior performance and precision. Our high-speed drill tap centre features a rigid structure that provides a wider working area, allowing for greater flexibility and precision.

With a direct drive BBT 30 high-speed spindle up to 24,000 rpm, this machine is capable of delivering unparalleled performance and accuracy. The high-speed pocket tilting automatic tool changer ensures smooth and seamless tool changes, while the high rapid transverse rates of 48 m/min enable efficient and speedy movements of the machine.

Its advanced design ensures exceptional precision and efficiency in the production of high-quality components for the Automobile, Electric Vehicle, Die & Mould and Electronic segments.



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