Hyundai Motor India New Corporate Headquarters developed as ‘Center for Transformation of a Better Tomorrow’

New Hyundai Motor India Corporate Headquarters in Gurugram has a total built-up area of over 28 000 square meters. HMIL Headquarters harmoniously coexist with the environment with a Unique 400 Square Meter Green Wall with Live Plants, 50 kW solar rooftop panels harnessing renewable energy, seamless entry and exit through speed gates, health monitoring through thermal body temperature scanning camera, and a much more thoughtful element.

Mr. S.S Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd, said “Harnessing the strength of 25 years of excellence in India. This new building stands as a symbol of Hyundai’s journey of togetherness with the people of India. The new HMI Corporate Headquarters has been built on the tenets of Hyundai’s global vision ‘Progress for Humanity’. With a strong commitment towards people and the environment, this headquarters will be a focal point of innovation and realize Hyundai Motor India’s vision of ‘Progress for the People, Prosperity for the Planet’. Further, through our strong values and the indomitable spirit of Hyundai, we will nurture new talent at this facility and become the fulcrum of distinction for the transformation of a better tomorrow.”

Mr. Kim added, “We are glad to share that during the Hyundai Motor India Corporate Headquarters inauguration ceremony, the Honourable Chief Minister of Haryana, Shri Manohar Lal, inaugurated two oxygen plants donated by Hyundai Motor India Foundation, to CHC and Al- Afia Hospitals in Nuh District, Haryana.”

To perfectly harmonize human interactions with nature and technology in the New Corporate Headquarters, Hyundai Motor India developed a concept that epitomizes the Body, Mind, and Soul achieving an unparalleled experience for employees in this Home away from Home. The ‘Body’ allows individuals to feel connected, develop a spirit of unity, and draw synergies from each other for heightened levels of collaboration. The ‘Mind’ helps foster collective intelligence and promote unison of thought, strengthen relationships, and cultivate ‘Vision for the Future. The ‘Soul’ pronounces ‘Prosperity for Humanity’ and delves deeper to contribute towards mutual progress for mankind. The perfect amalgamation of these elements has led to the creation of the ‘Center for Transformation of a Better Tomorrow’.Through its technological prowess and human-centric vision, Hyundai Motor India has carefully blended together elements that curate an ecosystem abundant with energy, positivity, harmony, nature, and technology.

As a responsible and caring brand, Hyundai Motor India always prioritizes giving back and supporting society. Hyundai Motor India has invested over $ 4 Billion in India and has 17 regional offices and 2 449 customer touchpoints across India. The New Corporate Headquarters is yet another testament that will help realize the vision of ‘Progress for the People, Prosperity for the Planet’. With a focus of becoming a ‘Contemporary and Technology Pioneer Brand in India’, Hyundai Motor India has developed a strategic business direction that encompasses a software-centric transformation. With this direction, the company will develop synergies across a wide spectrum of technologies like Connected, IoT, AI, and Big Data.

Further, to achieve its strategic business direction of becoming a ‘Contemporary and Technology Pioneer Brand in India’, Hyundai Motor India will pursue 5 Strategy Pillars to generate new customer value:

  • Diversified Business Architecture
  • Unique Mobility Experience
  • Smart Manufacturing Factory
  • Quality Time of Customers
  • Responsible and Caring Brand

2021 has been a significant year for Hyundai Motor India, which has grown from strength to strength outlining many milestones over the years. With the industry’s fastest rollout of 10 million cars, to successful completion of 25 Years and the recent Hyundai ALCAZAR launch, a new model in a new segment, Hyundai continues to strive to redefine mobility for its most valued Indian customers.


Unison with Environment

  • 400 Square Meter Green Wall with Live Plants
  • 50 kW solar panels on its rooftop
  • 14 EV Charging Units (3 DC Fast Charging & 11 AC Normal Charging)
  • Landscaping in front of the building with seating elements

Enabling Work Place Efficiency

  • Open and flexible seating for employees
  • Speed Gates
  • Parking Control System with Number Plate Recognition
  • Workstations with –
    • Motion Desks
    • General Desks
    • Rhombus Desks
  • Meeting Rooms
    • Five Closed
    • Six Open
  • 24 Sound Proof Focus Rooms

Excellence in Collaboration

  • Two Business Lounges
  • Two Café Lounges
  • Seven video conferencing rooms
  • Multipurpose hall with collapsible seating for 144 individuals
  • Central and Corner Lounges on each office floor
  • Atrium Lounge with a height of four Floors and interactive seating plus landscaping

Strong Focus on Health and Safety

  • Thermal scanning for body temperature
  • Employee Lockers with UV Light for Sanitization
  • HVAC Separate air ducts for return and supply for Cooling and Heating and HEPA filtration
  • Composite Building Structure
  • Zone 5 Earthquake Compatibility
  • Separate Washrooms for specially-abled individuals

Welfare for Employees

  • Canteen that can seat over 300 persons
  • Women Relaxation Room
  • Medical Room

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