Two days before the implementation of BSIV emission norm on April 1, 2017, the Supreme Court banned sale of vehicles that did not comply with it. The vehicle manufacturers were shocked and many of them offered huge discounts to clear inventory. Though the mission is accomplished by enforcing BSIV, the industry suffered a big loss, especially commercial vehicle manufacturers and some of the two-wheeler companies. It was heartening to see that inspite of many were ready with BSIV compatible vehicles.

Now the turf war among the vehicle manufacturers is on the endof the pipe technologies that transform and control emissions. Two systems are in vogue: Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). Race has begun to establish how either of them is superior and offers better value propositions. Now 2 major companies contradict on one particular system to the confusion of the vehicle buyers. They are at a loss as to select vehicles with which of the systems. Both the companies claim their system is superior and cost effective and the other is obsolete and inefficient. The customers have to be wise to select the system most suitable for the Indian conditions. India wants to reach the global standards and hence, a lot of changes take place in the trends, sales and choices made by customers. However, these systems are going to be relevant only for 3 years as we are going for BSVI from 2020.

Therefore the OEMs have to develop BSVI vehicles and start selling once the fuel is available, instead of waiting for any Supreme Court order. The intention should be larger and more responsible to help make our country clean by providing cleaner vehicles at the earliest. This will save the companies from legal embarrassment, commercial losses and above all the wrath of the citizens who are their prospective customers. Any last minute change in the predetermined date would be improper and fall heavily on law-abiding corporates and the common man.

India has many regional automotive hubs and each region has its own merits and demerits. In order to understand the mood in the country’s oldest auto hub, National Capital Region (NCR), this issue focuses on that. After the emergence of new hubs in the Western and Southern regions, NCR is fading. But the region has lot of advantages except port facilities. Many traditional players are modernising and diversifying to be contemporary and relevant and to retain its historic shine. The other regions give tough competition by building better infrastructure and incentivising investments. We have to wait and see the future prospects of NCR which is said to have many glaring inadequacies.

Bhargav TS
Executive Editor

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