Marelli is set to dazzle visitors at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition with its cutting-edge innovations, emphasizing a journey through design-led innovation and the latest technologies tailored for the China market. From April 25 to May 4, 2024, at booth W1-W01, guests will embark on a curated experience showcasing Marelli’s approach to co-creation and its transformative impact on vehicle personalization.

Central to Marelli’s showcase is its software-defined vehicle revolution, epitomized by the Digital Twin technology, which replicates vehicle components in the cloud, accelerating design iterations and feature deployment. The software-defined interior concept, featuring AI-powered centralized architecture, offers personalized experiences with advanced audio, motorized displays, eco-materials, and customizable interfaces.

In addition, Marelli will spotlight lighting innovations like LiDAR sensors in headlamps, LASER wire rear lamps, microLED road projection modules, and LeanLight concepts aimed at reducing weight and emissions. Sustainable vehicle performance takes center stage with technologies such as electromechanical suspension systems, thermal management modules, smart actuators, and wireless battery management systems driven by AI.

David Fan, EVP, and President China of Marelli, emphasizes the company’s commitment to the Chinese market, leveraging its expertise to meet the evolving needs of local carmakers amidst China’s burgeoning new energy and intelligent vehicle landscape.

Marelli, with its global presence spanning 170 facilities and R&D centers across continents, remains dedicated to fostering safer, greener, and better-connected mobility solutions in collaboration with its customers and partners worldwide.


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