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 New facility plays important role in Marelli’s electrification growth strategy
 Company committed to getting involved in state’s technology network for e-mobility

【29 June 2021】
Marelli, a leading global automotive supplier, has received the NRW. Global Business Award 2021 for the investment in its recently established production facility for electric vehicle motors in Cologne, Germany. With this award, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia recognizes foreign direct investments which significantly advance the region’s long-term global competitiveness as well as international investments of local companies.

Marelli is one out of four companies to receive the prize this year. “Foreign trade is an anchor of stability for North Rhine-Westphalia”, said Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, the state’s Minister of Economy, Innovation, Digitalization and
Energy. “The NRW.Global Business Award is there to honor the commitment of our national and international companies to the location, even in difficult times. With its investment in a new production plant, Marelli not only creates lasting jobs in North Rhine-Westphalia but also drives innovation in the key field of electric vehicle motors. The latest 800 volts technology can speed up charging time, reduce loss of energy and therefore
increase range. These factors are decisive to further strengthen e-mobility.” “We are proud to be honored with the NRW.Global Business Award”, said Beda Bolzenius, President and CEO of Marelli at the award ceremony in Dusseldorf. “Our new plant in Cologne plays an important role in our growth strategy for vehicle
electrification. We have chosen the city for its location in the heart of Europe, as we find highly skilled employees with experience in the auto industry here and as the region is developing into a center for e-mobility.”

Marelli is committed to getting involved in the technology network for e-mobility in North Rhine-Westphalia. Just recently, the company and RWTH Aachen, the state’s highly renowned technical university, have formed a partnership for vehicle electrification technologies and related production technologies.

Through combined expertise in both electric powertrains and thermal energy management systems, Marelli offers a unique technology portfolio enabling the design of highly efficient electric vehicle platforms. This includes active and passive systems for the 800 Volt high performance and fast charging technology, battery management systems, cooling plates, electric compressors and other solutions helping carmakers to improve the overall
efficiency of their electric and hybrid vehicles.


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