MAHLE SmartBike Systems, the eBike division of automotive component supplier MAHLE, has introduced its latest innovation, the X30 drive system for eBikes. This new addition extends the X-Series platform and includes a motor, battery, HMI, and other components.

The centerpiece of the X30 system is its new motor, a robust and functional unit that embodies MAHLE’s signature lightweight, sporty, and intelligent design. Offering balanced and versatile assistance, the motor delivers a torque of 45 Nm and weighs just 1.9 kg, setting a new standard for hub motors. Its advanced technology ensures excellent performance across all terrains, making it suitable for road, city, and track use, and even for kids’ eBikes.

The MAHLE X30 system seamlessly integrates with existing X20 components and digital ecosystems, ensuring uncompromised compatibility. This allows for seamless upgrades and access to advanced features, maintaining consistent performance across the X-Series. The rear hub motor design improves energy efficiency by 15% compared to mid-drive motors, extending the user’s activity range to nearly 190 km in an eco-friendly manner.

The X-Series platform’s versatility enables bicycle brands to build eBikes with either pedal assist sensors or cadence and torque sensors, catering to diverse riding experiences. The inclusion of a torque sensor allows precise watt analysis, ensuring the motor responds accurately to the rider’s needs. Additionally, AI and machine learning technologies enable the eBike to adapt to the rider’s behavior and environment.

MAHLE customizes the X30 system according to each bike brand’s DNA, discipline, and customer philosophy. Motor mapping is defined with the manufacturer and implemented at the end of the production line, resulting in a unique riding experience for each brand. Notable partners for the X30 launch include Bianchi in road, Husqvarna, and Stevens.

As a leader in lightweight eBike solutions with extensive development experience, MAHLE SmartBike Systems remains dedicated to innovation. The X30 system combines lightweight design with robust versatility, significantly enhancing the riding experience and setting a new benchmark in the world of lightweight eBike systems.



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