JMTyre_1Desktop Repair Station ups productivity by over 50 percent
Coimbatore-based JM Tyre Marc, manufacturer of tyre equipment and retreading tools is planning to focus on tyre repair and service equipment. Currently the company is manufacturing and trading garage equipment and tools for tyre retreading. Recently the company has developed a new professional tyre repair station equipped with tyre spreader, tyre spotter and other tools that are required for complete tyre care system. The new system, called ‘Desktop Repair Station’ is suitable to repair passenger car radials (PCR) up to 16 inch diameter as well as truck bus radials (TBR) up to 22.5 inch diameter.

According to the company’s CEO, Joseph Raj, accidents caused are also due to damaged tyres and the subsequent improper tyre repair. Until recently repairing the damaged tyre has not been recommended because of the issues relating to tyre care tools, which has a higher chance of tyre break leading to explosion. But now the tyre repair has gone to the next level of making it almost to the original form, assuring better safety.

“We foresee a large requirement for reliable and easy to use equipment. The new Desktop Repair Station that we developed follows the international standards in terms of deploying proper tools, process and standardisation,” he said. Besides, it comes with tools and equipments required for entire tyre repair operation that increases the productivity. The entire process takes just half the time to repair the damage when compared with the conventional method, while enhancing the tyre life by about 50 percent.

Earlier the company was offering individual tools for tyre repair, but after gaining expertise in the tyre care products JM Tyre Marc has developed this new equipment, he said.

JMTyre_2Joseph Raj, CEO, JM Tyre Marc

Normally for the sidewall damage, the tyre should be replaced with a new one, which is very expensive. But now with the new generation tyre care products, repairs are carried out easily and quickly at a minimal cost -about ten percent of the cost of the new tyre. Raj explained that a larger piece of rubber material should be placed inside of a broken part and it has to be treated well so that it does not bulge and create an air gap inside the patch.

JM Tyre Marc has started supplying its new desktop tyre repair station to its clients in Bangalore and New Delhi who are involved in passenger cars and truck & bus repairs respectively. The company is also in talks with major transport corporation in the country to supply its repair equipment. On the export front, the equipment maker is planning to ship it to Sri Lanka, Kenya, UAE, and Oman, where currently it is supplying its other products.

After entering into the tyre repair and servicing equipment, JM Tyre Marc has also launched a range of equipments like tyre changers, wheel balancers, car lifts, digital tyre vulcanisers, digital inflators and nitrogen inflators. The company currently has pan India presence in selling tools and equipments. Soon it will be establishing tyre care centres for trucks through franchise route. Typically, these centres will offer tyre services like mounting, demounting, tyre rotation, pressure testing, repairing and nitrogen filling. The CEO also informed that the company plans to launch tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the next couple of months.

Began in 1989, JM Tyre Marc started manufacturing pre-cured retreading machines and created a strong client base among tyre retreaders and state transport corporations. The company also makes plant machineries such as inspection spreaders, tread builders, buffers, curing chambers and tyre retreading accessories. ACI

Story : Bhargav TS


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