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Since a few years, both the organised and unorganised players (independent part dealers and small garages) have made great strides in the automotive aftermarket sector. After the economic slowdown of FY12, and the consequent dip in volume growth of automotive OEMs, the focus has been on growth in the aftermarket as a business imperative to maintain growth and profitability. Now the projections for the industry are very high. Still there is a strong need to improve the quality of workshops and the service rendered for better customer satisfaction.

The 2 major issues that plague the current automotive aftermarket scenario are service and maintenance. These need to be dealt with very efficiently and satisfactorily. In spite of the efforts of the companies to meet the customers’ needs after the sales, the level of customer satisfaction is far below the global benchmarks. The automotive aftermarket service has to change drastically. With the infusion of new technologies, there will be more electronics in vehicles and higher digital influence.

As high technology helps make long lasting and fast moving parts, maintenance and labour costs also go up to mind-boggling levels. Hence, it is essential to understand a few major parameters for satisfying the customers. The service providers should align their strategy and operations with the global best practices and benchmarks. The global aftermarket leaders operate optimised multiechelon networks of warehouses and use worldwide benchmarks to transfer best experiences among warehouses, dealers and repair centres. If a similar system is followed in India, the quality of service, availability of spare parts and the cost of the service will be on par with the global standards, which will result in higher customer satisfaction index.

I am happy to announce that Auto Components India is introducing India’s first Auto Components Awards to identify and award the beacon bearers of the sector. We are setting a new benchmark in the Indian auto components sector. Our primary objective is to support, motivate and compliment the component manufacturers in their endeavours to keep growing and make others grow to create a more developed India. I am extremely delighted to be part of this journey and request you to nominate your company in the form provided in this issue of the magazine (Page 42). I look forward for your support and co-operation in this new and exciting beginning.

With this high note, I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017

Bhargav TS
Executive Editor

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