Germany-based Infineon Technologies inaugurated the new R&D centre in Bengaluru. The move will further strengthen the Bengaluru office as Infineon’s Competence Centre for Hardware Design and Software Development. Infineon India team supports technology development for diversification driven chip design system, with focus areas in automotive, industrial and chip card and security. The team also develops software for products used in automotive and security driven applications.


Dr Ploss CEO of Infineon said, The new facility will help make an even greater contribution from India towards new product development and excel as R&D site for our global commitments.


President and MD of Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Andrew Chong, said: “The new office in downtown Bengaluru is a catalyst for a more energetic, more productive workforce that will propel Infineon India to the next level of excellence.”

In concurrence, Vinay Shenoy, MD for Infineon India said: “The move is timely because our business is growing nicely and the new office premises will allow us to maintain the same level or even higher level of service towards our customers.”

The ten-storey building equipped with most modern amenities has the potential capacity to comfortably house 700 employees, nearly double the number of employees today. Situated along M.G. Road in the heart of the city and easily accessible by Bengaluru’s Namma Metro, its location has significantly reduced travel times and invariably improved the lives of many employees.


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