Idemitsu has set in motion with Daphne Alphacool CS, a water-soluble cutting oil assisting to improve the work environment through a special surfactant imparted with high heat resistance property. This oil significantly mitigates mist and volatile ingredients effectively. Further, it minimises odour in the shop floor and stickiness in and around the machine compared to conventional water-soluble cutting oils. The excellent defoaming property makes it suitable for high speed and high-pressure machining centres. Its compatibility with metal and non-metal is convenient for machining all product types and its rubber compatibility makes it a safer cutting oil for machine parts like coolant hose and electrical wires.

Embarking on the new launch, Kapil Gandhi, Head Technical and Marketing said                  “Daphne Alphacool CS improves cutting performance with emphasis on operator safety as it is free from hazardous chemicals and eliminates problems faced by operators like bad odour, irritating mist, eye irritation, roughness in hands and residual smell of cutting oil on clothes and body. Also to add-up, it can give excellent cost saving benefit through Reduced misting, Reduced stickiness, Reduced cost on machine maintenance, Extended sump life, Reduced oil consumption and Improved tool life. Operators safety and reduction in operation cost is top most priority and focus of Idemitsu.”

Machining industries have undergone significant globalization in recent years as the type and shape of work materials have become more diversified. Therefore, higher processing efficiency is required to enhance cost competitiveness. To achieve high efficiency, active efforts are made to increase the cutting speed and feed rate resulting in cutting temperatures higher than ever. Consequently, water-soluble cutting oils that have excellent cooling property are mainly in use. Recently, owing to the growing awareness of environmental issues, regulations on chemical substances used in oils have been strengthened globally and to address this global environmental problems, Idemitsu has urged to solve issues affecting working environments, such as mist and odour in the shop floor and stickiness in and around machines. In this connection, Idemitsu has been working on developing water-soluble cutting oil that can improve the work environment.


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