Hyundai Motor demonstrates its latest advances in green mobility with global technological marvel IONIQ for customers to experience and enjoy through its innovative ‘Mobility Vision’ concept,. The IONIQ Zone at Auto Expo 2018 showcases Hyundai’s technological advancements in Electric & Hybrid technology. Hyundai Motor India acknowledges the government’s vision and plans to make India a global leader in electric vehicles by 2030 and is already working on its blueprint to move into new automotive space of eco-friendly vehicles. It also showcases its commitment to clean mobility solutions and future readiness with unrivalled global technology marvel in Electric Vehicles Hyundai IONIQ.

Hyundai's Global Electric Tech Marvel IONIQ

Hyundai’s Global Electric Tech Marvel IONIQ

Commenting on the unveiling of Hyundai’s global electric tech-marvel, IONIQ at Auto Expo 2018, Mr. Y K KOO, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India Ltd said, “The IONIQ is a significant leap forward for Hyundai Motor as it intensifies its commitment to produce highly efficient, eco-friendly vehicles. Hyundai is a caring brand and we are committed towards clean mobility solutions to make a long-term transformation that will benefit our future generations. Hyundai is future ready to deliver diverse eco-friendly cars for aspiring customers around the globe without compromising on driving dynamics and performance, a balance of attributes we call in ‘Green Performance’.”


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