Hoffmann Group, Europe’s leading system partner for quality tools, announced the introduction of a new cabinet variant of their dynamic goods issuing system, GARANT Tool24. The new locker system contains spacious compartments with rechargeable battery charging ports, which enable larger power tools, rental devices and personal protective equipment (PPE) to be issued on an individual basis and in a controlled and documented manner.

GARANT Tool24 Locker provides efficient organisation and precise monitoring of the withdrawal and storage of larger power tools, rental devices and PPE items. All withdrawal compartments are pre-equipped for the customer to install rechargeable battery charging devices. Employees are required to sign into the system before the issuing system opens a compartment for them. This means that GARANT Tool24 Locker can log precisely who withdrew which product at what time from the locker and when they returned it. It also offers the option to set up individual profiles to allow specific employees to access only certain sub-sections of the available items.

To make GARANT Tool24 Locker easy to use for employees, the Hoffmann Group has equipped all withdrawal compartments with LED interior lighting as standard. This makes it easier to withdraw the item quickly and safely, even in the case of poor surrounding lighting conditions. A LED strip running along the compartments shows employees which withdrawal compartment has been automatically opened for them by GARANT Tool24 Locker.

GARANT Tool24 Locker is available in three standard versions. Customers can opt for a different configuration from the sheet steel and instead choose a front with viewing windows and arrange the compartments themselves. In doing so, they can choose between six different compartment sizes. Both the body and the compartments can also be ordered in a large range of different colours, which is guaranteed to make this locker system an eye-catcher in any production hall.

In the design of GARANT Tool24 Locker, the Hoffmann Group has once again consistently applied a systems concept for industrial use. The new product is compatible with all other systems in the GARANT Tool24 product range – from both a visual and technical consideration – and can be integrated seamlessly as “master” or “slave” into an overall system.


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