Hitachi Automotive System India will exhibit a total number of 33 products under 5 different segments at the Auto Expo 2016 – Components Show. The company’s stall is located at Hall No. 18 GF Stall 23. The 5 different segments of products are advanced driver assistance system, engine management system, electric power train system, drive control system and after market products. The comprehensive list of 33 products from Hitachi Automotive System which will make their way to the 13 edition of Auto Expo are listed below. The company will also showcase valve timing controls and ignition coils which are manufactured at their plant in Chennai.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System): Stereo Camera, ADAS ECU, Miriwave Rader, Electric Parking Brake

Engine Management System: Engine Control Unit, Fuel Injector, High Pressure Pump, Electronic Throttle Body, Air Flow Sensor, Valve Timing Control, Variable Displacement Vane Pump, Hybrid Coat Piston, Water Pump

Electric Powertrain System (Introduced by panels): Motor, Inverter, Lithium-ion Battery, Double side direct water-cooling power module

Drive Control System: Brake Calipers, Suspension Strut, Shock Absorber, Sky Hook Damper, Frequency Reactive Damper, Propeller Shaft, Semi Active Suspension

Aftermarket Products: Brake Pad, Starter, Air Flow Sensor, Rectifier, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Voltage Regulator, Relays, Ignition Coil, Conventional Suspension Strut

The company is focused on rapidly expanding its global footprints. Seeing the Indian automotive market which is expected to exhibit stable and long-term growth the auto component maker invested over 3 billion rupees to launch its second Indian manufacturing base in Chennai in April 2015 . The production of valve timing controls and ignition coils commenced at the manufacturing base in October 2015 and company is looking further to produce new products.


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