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GS Caltex India, a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of GS Caltex Corporation of South Korea, has unveiled its range of BSVI compatible products for the Indian motorists. Available under the brand name Kixx, the latest engine oils are equipped to meet the stringent requirements of the new BSVI emission norms announced by the Government of India. These superior engine oils are based on advanced additive technology to deliver excellent protection and superior performance in BSVI vehicles – Cars and Motorcycles.

Speaking about the new product portfolio, the Rajesh Nagar, MD & CEO, GS Caltex India, said, “We at GS Caltex India, have been at the forefront in launching products which meet the latest requirements of the market. It has been our constant endeavour to work on improving and upgrading our product portfolio as per the latest norms to offer superior customer experience. It gives us immense pleasure in launching the newly upgraded BSVI lubricants along with some new products for new-generation vehicles.” These oils have an advantage of backward compatibility hence can be used in older generation BSIV or BSIII vehicles. In addition, GS Caltex also introduced new warriors to its fully synthetic passenger car oil portfolio, Kixx PAO 1 & Kixx G1 Synthetic Power.

Kixx PAO 1 is a PAO based fully synthetic passenger car engine oil. It is optimised to provide ultimate performance and complete engine protection, thus maximizing engine life and low oil consumption. Its high viscosity index and good low-temperature fluidity help contribute to component protection across a wide temperature range. Kixx G1 Synthetic Power is a fully synthetic premium car engine oil with advanced additive technology to deliver excellent performance in modern vehicles meeting BSVI norms and suitable for high-performance engines fitted with DOHC, EFI, VVT, and diesel engines with CRDI. It is optimised to provide complete engine oil performance, especially fuel efficiency, through friction reduction and enhanced durability.

The company is also launching fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil Kixx Ultra 4T Syntheticfor the passionate bikers to whom their bike is an extension of their persona. The fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil is configured with advanced additive technology to deliver excellent performance in modern vehicles meeting BSVI norm. This is suitable for all motorcycle engines, both carburettor and fuel injected where API SN or below and JASO MA and MA 2 are recommended. GS Caltex also revamped the packaging of its Motorcycle and Passenger car segment engine oils thus enriching new look and feel to enhance the brand’s distinct visibility and set products apart from the competition.

As part of the new launch, GS Caltex has started a campaign since November 1 st. It is a series of notes which talks about ‘Why BS6’, and how to ‘Choose Your Perfect Companion’ and a guide to “Whether your vehicle is BSVI or BSIV”. There are also links generated to help people know more about the importance of the BSVI engine oils in India. From 22 nd Nov- 5th Dec, GS Caltex India will ask the participants to show some love by posting their vehicle pictures on their FB and Instagram page handles by using hashtags #GSCaltexBS6EngineOils or #GSCaltexSteerIntoSustainability to celebrate togetherness.


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