Gemopai Electric, a value-for-money EV Manufacturer, today announced an
annual Road-Side Assistance and Personal Accident cover complimentary with the purchase of every
Gemopai EV. With this, the company aims to strengthen their commitment to provide unprecedented
after sales service to every customer who will also get 3 years of free Service and Warranty on every EV.
The service scheme, named ‘Gemopai Secure’ will be valid on all models sold starting from 15 th February
2021 and will aim at further lowering the after sales cost of ownership of the customer. This move
makes Gemopai EV, the most Value-For-Money EVs present in the country.
On the upcoming offer, Amit Raj Singh, Co-Founder, Gemopai Electric, says, “Thanks to the benefits
offered by the government, the market is seeing a lot of good traction for electric scooters. These
vehicles are becoming increasingly popular because of their low running costs, especially in the wake of
increasing fuel prices which make ICE (internal combustion engine) based scooters expensive to afford.
The upcoming offers is just another way to build confidence among the EV buyers to switch to electric.”
With this scheme, Gemopai continues to raise the benchmark on customer value proposition in the
Indian EV industry. The company has 70+ dealerships across the country, with each of them mandated
to run a service centre, giving Gemopai owners multiple service touch points.
The company, currently focused on building their fleet of Made-in-India electric models, is rolling out
the offer complimentary with every purchase. However, customers can renew the RSA plan at any
Gemopai dealership after its expiry date. With the ongoing safety concerns in lieu of the pandemic,
Gemopai wants to ensure that every customer looking for an affordable private electric vehicle is
enabled to do so.



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