EVR Motors, an Israeli innovator in high power-density electric motors, has inaugurated a new plant in Manesar, Haryana, under its subsidiary, I.EVR Motors Pvt Ltd. This marks the first manufacturing operation in India by an Israeli automotive firm and is crucial to EVR’s global production strategy. The advanced facility will produce patented trapezoidal geometry coils for EVR’s Trapezoidal Stator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (RFPM) motors, known for their compact, lightweight, and cost-effective design. Initially, it will supply coils for 20,000 motors per month, with plans to scale up to 100,000 motors to meet rising global demand.

EVR has secured agreements with Indian automotive companies such as Napino, Belrise Group, EKA Mobility, and RSB Transmissions, enhancing its supply chain capabilities. Sajal Kishore, MD of I.EVR Motors Pvt Ltd, highlighted the plant’s role in revolutionizing electric mobility and strengthening India-Israel business cooperation. Ambassador Naor Gilon emphasized the plant as a symbol of deepening economic and technological ties between the two nations. EVR’s Chairman, Nick Rogers, noted that the plant ensures a stable supply chain through vertical integration, supporting both local and global operations. The RFPM motor technology, protected by 11 patents, is adaptable to various vehicles and voltage requirements, underscoring its modularity and versatility.



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