width=Battery material manufacturer, Epsilon Advanced Materials (EAMPL), has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Japanese research company, KRI Inc. to establish a Technology Centre. This centre will be set up with an investment of Rs 300 crores. The company, through this partnership, is said to develop domestic capabilities to test advanced cell-grade materials. This will eventually bolster the Indian battery performance materials testing and manufacturing landscape within the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. The company claims that this collaboration will position India as a global hub for battery performance material technology research and innovation.

KRI Inc., an affiliate of Osaka Gas is working in the global research industry for more than 35 years. The company is said to have its specialization in analyzing and determining electric materials, nanomaterials, energy conversion technology, and environmental conservation technology.

Vikram Handa, Managing Director of Epsilon Advanced Materials, commented on the partnership saying, “Our collaboration with KRI Inc. will enhance battery materials research and innovation in the country, reaffirming our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products to our valued customers.”

Expressing his thoughts on the MoU, The President of KRI Inc, Dr. Shinichi Kawasaki says, “This collaboration is not only an advancement for EV and battery industry but also promotes scientific research and innovation. The advanced cell testing facility will become a common testing ground, attracting cell manufacturing companies from India and overseas.”

The Advanced Technology Centre in India will enable EAMPL to contribute to the national advancement of EV adoption and progression. The facility will provide specialized testing services for battery performance materials, including anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, and electrode formulations. Additionally, the centre will conduct battery testing and evaluation, failure analysis of batteries and related materials, research programs, training programs, and modules. The research facility is designed to cater to the needs of battery manufacturers and customers in India and worldwide, offering cost-effective solutions and globally recognized certifications for performance material products. It is expected to generate employment opportunities for researchers and scientists, fostering international exposure and collaborative efforts.

By establishing this advanced technology centre, EAMPL intends to centralize and streamline testing processes, providing cost-effective solutions for both established and emerging cell manufacturing industries. This partnership will create job opportunities for local talent, and reduce the reliance on costly overseas research and development. Furthermore, the research facility will elevate India’s research landscape, establishing India as a global leader in technology and innovation. “With the mutual expertise of KRI and Epsilon Advanced Materials, we are confident that this advanced research facility will be the centre of excellence in battery materials and EV testing,” adds Vikram Handa.


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