Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) the 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany, has unveiled its second wave of products with the inauguration of bus manufacturing plant, which is located within the premises of DICV’s Chennai plant. The company will be producing the buses under Mercedes-Benz and BharatBenz brands for the domestic market and will be exporting Mercedes-Benz range of buses before end of 2015. The company also premiered its new BharatBenz 3143 deep mining truck and 4940 heavy duty tractor, which are made first time in India.


“This second wave of products is a significant milestone which urges us to promise the future and obligate the present,” said Erich Nesselhauf, Managing Director and CEO, DICV. He further added that “Our 2005 vision is clear after the establishment of manufacturing facility in India as we saw promising potential in Indian market. Our mission of targeting Indian market as the 2nd largest across globe will be fulfilled by 2020. We are very proud that we support Indian government’s Make in India campaign and win-win strategy is achieved.”

Daimler has lengthened its supply chain and 85% of all its products are localised. The buses would they offer will abide certain standards like light weight, high fuel efficiency and spacious seating. The 2 fold strategic buses BharatBenz and Mercedes-Benz cater to Indian markets with the former front engine bus from Oragadam plant confines short distance travel targeting school, staff and tourist transportation while the latter rear engine buses for inter-city transportation. The weight of these buses gross between 9-16 tonnes.


Mark Nodder, CEO, Wrightbus specified that, “Wrightbus looked out for an effective conglomeration across globe and found Daimler a strategic engager where this deal complements each other. Wrightbus, a bellwether in manufacturing buses for more than 70 years in UK commenced its operations in 1946 and manufacture single and double Decker buses not only for indigenous market but also export to the US, South East Asia and European countries. This deal synergises both Wrightbus and Daimler would excel outputting bus with design supporting the market, adhering to low weight mantra with no compromise on quality. This deal also supports effective after sales service and complements each other.

BharatBenz 3143 mining truck debuting Indian mining segment with high power and cost efficient bridging the gap in the industry with its technological benchmark. This truck comes with 4-axle configuration with 2 variants 19.5 Cu.M rock body and 32 Cu.M coal carrier challenging terrains and can operate in deep mining segments. Yet another reveal comes as the culmination of this unveil BharatBenz 4940TT suited for transporting heavy lift cargo in areas of construction and infrastructure projects. This heavy-lift cargo truck will cruise the market later this year.


Daimler commercial vehicles India (DICV) and MFTBC ( Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation) combined their potentials and target other countries. DICV has stepped its feet in Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania while analysing South American markets for an optimal export region for DICV.

The new bus plant will create 1300 (1000 at Wrightbus International and 300 at Daimler) job opportunities which again grace India with employability. The bus not only is Made In India but Engineered in india with savvy engineers putting their hands from design to development focusing on the core areas.



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