Cummins Inc., led by Antonio Leitao, VP – Off-highway, Engine Business & Europe ABO Leader, is at the forefront of sustainable mobility initiatives, particularly in the off-highway sector. Their commitment to developing application-based solutions is evident in their extensive range of engines optimized for various duty cycles and applications. From robust engines tailored for heavy-duty construction equipment to versatile powertrains for agricultural machinery, Cummins leverages its deep expertise and experience to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

With a keen focus on both on-road and off-road applications, Cummins ensures that its engine portfolio addresses the unique challenges faced by different industries. Whether it’s powering heavy-duty trucks on highways or driving excavators and backhoes on rugged construction sites, Cummins engines are renowned for their reliability, durability, and performance.

Antonio Leitao emphasizes Cummins’ pivotal role in driving the energy transition journey, particularly through forums like Excon 2023, where they launched a series of new engines, including the crucial 10-litre engine catering to both on-highway and off-highway customers. Additionally, Cummins has introduced hydrogen-based solutions, showcasing their commitment to exploring innovative technologies that reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

In response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, Cummins prioritizes offering engines with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Leitao underscores the importance of considering factors like carbon footprint and compliance-led requirements, such as CEV Stage V emissions, in meeting customer expectations and industry standards.

The transition to new emission standards often triggers pre-buying activity, highlighting the market’s anticipation for compliant and efficient engines. Cummins remains confident in its ability to deliver next-generation products that not only meet regulatory requirements but also exceed performance expectations.

Cummins’ aftersales network plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and support. With a vast team of trained engineers and a focus on digitalization, Cummins aims to enhance connectivity and service delivery, further strengthening its position as a trusted partner to its customers.

India’s significance as a global manufacturing hub is underscored by Cummins’ commitment to supporting global customers while leveraging the country’s growth potential and engineering capabilities. By aligning with India’s export ambitions and tapping into emerging markets in East Asia and East Africa, Cummins aims to expand its global footprint and contribute to the country’s export revenue.

As the industry transitions towards alternative powertrains, Cummins remains technologically agnostic, exploring options ranging from electric to hydrogen-based solutions. While acknowledging the infrastructure challenges associated with hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), Cummins anticipates gradual adoption over the next decade.

In anticipation of evolving market demands, Cummins continues to innovate across its product portfolio. While compact urban solutions gain momentum, Cummins is prepared to adapt, focusing on battery electrification for lower-end product segments while maintaining a robust lineup of mid-range and higher-end engines to meet the diverse needs of its customers.


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