Continental India has announced the ‘Conti Bharosa’ program that provides a five-year warranty policy for bus and truck tyres. The program covers the first retread of tyres used under normal load applications. The company says that its tyres are globally known for their casing strength and retread ability, retreading as a practice is commonly used abroad and gradually catching up in India as well. Retreading can save over 50 per cent of the cost of buying a new tyre and the practice is seldom covered in conventional warranty plans. The company is showcasing its confidence in strength and durability of the tyres with the ‘Conti Bharosa’ program. Considering the road conditions of the country, an average tyre of a bus or a truck last up to two or three years. The program aims at long term comment and reducing replacement expenditure as well.

Claude d’Gama Rose, Managing Director, Continental Tires India said “Through Conti Bharosa, we offer peace of mind to all our customers. The five-year warranty policy, which covers first retread for tyres used in normal load applications, enforces the reliability and superior quality of Continental products. The additional features of the program also offer support to our consumers, by increasing the average lifespan of tyres and ensuring more safety on the road,”

Shantanu Roy, Head Sales & Marketing Commercial Vehicle Tyres said “Commercial vehicles in India typically cover thousands of kilometres in a day. Tyres are crucial to the driver and other vehicles’ safety on the road. In these trying times, Conti Bharosa reinforces our strong commitment to fleet owners and operators by offering support beyond the traditional lifespan thus maximizing safety and profitability for fleets,”


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