We are proud to announce that we have received our first new multi-year business nomination from a leading global OEM customer in the data centre liquid cooling market. The value of this new business is 63 MSEK per year, and the start of production is planned in the first quarter of 2025. This strategic customer selected Concentric’s seal-less e-pump based on its innovative design, proven endurance and dependability for their new data centre liquid cooling application.

The global data centre market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-13% over the next six years. There is a clear trend towards liquid cooling in these applications, and it is anticipated that liquid cooling in data centres will grow at a faster rate of 24.4% during the same period, according to a report by MarketsAndMarkets Research.

AI has redefined the way chips are designed and utilized in the semiconductor industry, leading to optimized energy efficiency and performance for larger datasets. As performance requirements increase, so does the need for cooling. Liquid cooling is more effective than air cooling in handling a data centre’s growing densities, as these systems directly dissipate heat from the battery cells through the coolant, allowing our customers to achieve precise temperature control, unaffected by external conditions.

“This first business nomination from a global market leading OEM for data centre cooling systems is another testimonial of the successful execution of our growth plans into new markets. As with our previous wins in energy storage applications, data centres are another new market where our existing products, which are already proven to manage similar liquid cooling challenges, can fulfil the customer’s needs. This new business serves as a significant gateway for Concentric into this highly attractive and fast-growing market and I am extremely proud of our global sales and engineering team, who has developed this new solution with the customer, based on an existing Concentric product.” says Martin Kunz, President & CEO Concentric AB.

For further information, please contact: Lynne McCarthy (Media Contact) at Tel: +44 121 445 6545 or E-mail: lynne.mccarthy@concentricab.com

Concentric AB is an innovator in flow control and fluid power, supplying proprietary systems and components to the world’s construction equipment, truck, agricultural machinery and industrial applications end-markets. The company has a global manufacturing presence including in the USA, Germany, UK, Sweden, India and China. Concentric’s focus is to develop world class technology with innovative solutions that meet the sustainability needs of our customers. Concentric offers engine products including lubricant, coolant and fuel pumps and hydraulic products encompassing gear pumps and power packs. Concentric also offers a range of products developed for the fast-growing electric and hybrid powertrain market including, electric water and oil pumps, electric fans, thermal management systems and electro hydraulic steering. In 2022, the Group had a turnover of MSEK 4,056 and circa 1,207 employees.



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